St. Louis MossCamp Wrap Up

Originally posted on: First things, first… You’ll notice the new blog name “The SharePoint Hillbilly”.  This is one of the interesting things that came out of SharePint.  What do you think?  You like it? hate it? At least it’s a little more memorable.  Hey, I AM from Arkansas (no, I’m not married to my sister). ANYWAY! The St. Louis SharePoint User Group was kind enough to put together an amazing SharePoint event this past weekend and even more gracious by allowing me to speak.  I met a lot of amazing people, had a lot of fun, and learn a Continue reading St. Louis MossCamp Wrap Up

SharePoint Best Practices Conference UK 2009 – Notes from the Twitterverse

Originally posted on: First of all, thanks to all those brilliant people who made the long arduous journey to the UK (and to all those who just happened to be near by).  I know it must have killed you to be so far away for so long.  I can only imagine how hard it was for you.  All of us that couldn’t go really feel for you and feel your pain. Okay!  So, for those of us that couldn’t go, some of these guys really did a tremendous job of twittering what was going on during the conference.  They Continue reading SharePoint Best Practices Conference UK 2009 – Notes from the Twitterverse

Own A Piece of the ‘Titans Of SharePoint’

Originally posted on: Today and today only is your chance to own a piece of SharePoint history and show your support for those people who make your SharePoint life just a little bit more tolerable every day.  Without these guys we wouldn’t be putting down those razor blades at night.  We’d actually turn in those applications to McDonalds or just curl up into the fetal position under our desk and suck our thumbs. These ‘Titans of SharePoint’ give us hope that someone can actually comprehend all this crap and make it accessible to us common folk!  Grab your T-Shirt Continue reading Own A Piece of the ‘Titans Of SharePoint’