Your First Presentation – SharePoint or Otherwise

Originally posted on: So, you’ve attended a few SharePoint Saturday events.  You’ve sipped the Kool-aid and it tastes good. You started a blog and feel it is time to take the next big step in giving back to the community: Speaking at an event.  Well, I’m NO expert here, but again my blog is not about being the expert.  It’s about helping give new people a boost where I can so they don’t have to face the horrors I’ve faced.   It’s also where I try to document all the little quirks I run across so that I can remember Continue reading Your First Presentation – SharePoint or Otherwise

SharePoint Saturday Dallas Wrap-Up

Originally posted on: So, lots of great feedback from my presentation on Saturday.  Thanks to everyone who attended and for putting up with me.  🙂  Ultimately I think the session was such a success because of the great interaction and awesome people that attended.  I really hope you guys picked up some useful information.  If you weren’t there, I’m trying to develop the presentation that I wish I would have seen when I started SharePoint development. I’ll keep improving upon it and do what I can to make it more cohesive as I go.  Please feel free to leave Continue reading SharePoint Saturday Dallas Wrap-Up

Organizing a SharePoint Event: What You Need To Know

Originally posted on:–what-you-need-to-know.aspx Well! I’m still recovering from SharePoint Saturday Ozarks and preparing my presentation for this weekend’s SharePoint Saturday Dallas, but I wanted to be sure to blog about my experience organizing an event before I forgot it all.  Plus, if someone out there is thinking about organizing their own event you can hopefully learn from what I went through. So, let’s take a look at my thought process for organizing the event and I’ll be sure to point out where I could have done things better. Before you begin There are two very major components I think Continue reading Organizing a SharePoint Event: What You Need To Know

Creating a Sub-Site of a Publishing Site that is NOT a Publishing Site in SharePoint

Originally posted on: Another quick blog post for you guys.  There seems to be some confusion out there even among those who claim to be experts in SharePoint.  I was told as late as yesterday that you cannot create a sub-site for a Publishing Site that is not a Publishing Site.  I knew this to be incorrect from conversations with other individuals but had never actually sat down and figured it out.  So, @LoriGowin and I spent 15 minutes on this yesterday to prove it could actually be done. The reason for this myth is (and you’ve probably run Continue reading Creating a Sub-Site of a Publishing Site that is NOT a Publishing Site in SharePoint