Using jQuery to Print a Web Part

Originally posted on: Someone drank the jQuery Kool-Aid… Here’s a super quick and simple blog post that you may or may not find useful… as always I offer a money back guarantee… Let’s say you want to print out your SharePoint page but you don’t want the Search Box or anything outside the main content area to print, or maybe you just want one specific web part on the page to print; how would you do that? I spent about 5 minutes Googling it on Bing (I heard that phrase at SPTechCon last week… really wish I could remember Continue reading Using jQuery to Print a Web Part

Pescadigitation – The Pinnacle of Collaboration?

Originally posted on: So, if you come away with one thing from last week’s SharePoint Technology Conference in Boston, I’d like it to be this… Pescadigitation… The act of doing magic or sleight of hand with fish… What does that have to do with SharePoint or Collaboration? Well… nothing really… I was trying to say “Pescatarian” (a Vegetarian who also eats fish) at SharePint at Boston Beer Works and it came out “Pescadigitarion”.. which got me thinking… first of all, that the Pumpkin ale was really good.. but also that.. “Hey… there’s a cool new word there!”. Not everyone Continue reading Pescadigitation – The Pinnacle of Collaboration?

SharePoint Saturday DC Federal Wrap-Up

Originally posted on: We had another great SharePoint Saturday DC yesterday, thanks to Dan Usher (@usher), Isaac Stith (@mrisaac), and everyone else who pitched in to put on the event. As usual I presented on “Wrapping Your Head Around the SharePoint Beast”. In case you’ve never seen or heard of it before, this is my ever growing session on the session I wish I would have seen when I was thrown down a deep dark chasm and told to learn SharePoint… I can still hear the evil laughter… To say I hated SharePoint was an understatement, but thanks to Continue reading SharePoint Saturday DC Federal Wrap-Up

jQuery in SharePoint for Hackers

Originally posted on: jQU3|2y |N Sh/-\|23PO|/\/7 4 HA(kERS   Remember when Angelina Jolie was less of a freak? When cell phones were still relatively new and there existed things called “Pay Phones”? Well.. that has absolutely nothing to do with this blog post. Sorry…   Not THAT kind of Hacker So… when it comes to writing code I can admit that I’m not a classically trained developer. My first computer was a Commodore SX-64 when I was about 11. Wow, I’m a geek. I would enter programs from the Code magazines and then change them around to see how Continue reading jQuery in SharePoint for Hackers