SharePoint–To the Pain!

Originally posted on: Like I’ve said over and over and in many of my sessions, SharePoint is like a big AA Support Group.  “Hi… My name is Mark, and I use SharePoint”… “Hi Mark…” We’ve all had the same pains, frustrations, and struggles.  WHY am I getting this error? WHY isn’t this working the way it’s supposed to? WHY did this work yesterday and not today? WHY can’t I find the answer to my problem? This should be so simple, WHY can’t I get it to work?? This is what makes the SharePoint Community so strong IMO. We’ve been Continue reading SharePoint–To the Pain!

The Real Value of Microsoft Certification in SharePoint???

Originally posted on: How many times can I read a resume listing someone’s Microsoft Certifications, get my hopes up that this person has a clue about SharePoint, call the respondent up on the phone to hear them verbally tout their Microsoft Certifications only to learn they don’t know a damn thing about SharePoint?!!?! It happens ALL the time! I’m completely sick of it and can only come to the conclusion that Microsoft Certifications are completely worthless!!!  Okay… good.. I feel better for getting that out…  now that you are either pissed at me for saying something you disagree with Continue reading The Real Value of Microsoft Certification in SharePoint???

You aren’t the Lone Ranger anymore… Working Effectively in a Team Environment

Originally posted on: So, the similarities between the tech bubble of the late 90’s and the current hiring frenzy of SharePoint people is too similar to ignore. It seems as though if you put SharePoint on your resume SOMEONE will hire you. This of course is good and bad.  Bad because people who don’t know what they are doing are creating huge messes, and good because those who know what they are doing can make more-money-than-they-are-worth cleaning up those messes. Another artifact coming from this SharePoint Bubble is that there are many SharePoint “Go To” guys and gals out Continue reading You aren’t the Lone Ranger anymore… Working Effectively in a Team Environment

SharePoint Saturday St. Louis Wrap Up

Originally posted on: So.. SharePoint Saturday St. Louis was this past weekend and I had the honor of presenting my SharePoint & jQuery session.  This session is always a lot of fun and seems to always produce some really interesting conversation from the attendees. Seems like I learn something every time I do it.  Thanks to all those who attended and contributed and thanks to Matt Bremer (@mattbremer) and crew for putting on a great event! As promised, here’s the link to the slide deck: Also, I’m always looking for new blog ideas, so if there is something specific Continue reading SharePoint Saturday St. Louis Wrap Up