What “The Far Side” can teach us about SharePoint

Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/SoYouKnow/archive/2011/10/18/what-ldquothe-far-siderdquo-can-teach-us-about-sharepoint.aspx If any part of you has a sense of humor, January 1995 was a tragic time in your life as it marked the end of one of the greatest comics of all time The Far Side. No other comic has ever been so hilarious in its intelligence and randomness (although Calvin and Hobbes does come close). Gary Larson’s brilliant sense of humor will forever live on in desk calendars, books, and bazillions of internet references. So, what the heck does “The Far Side” have to do with SharePoint you may ask?? Well.. more than you might Continue reading What “The Far Side” can teach us about SharePoint

SharePoint Conference 2011 Wrap Up

Originally posted on: http://geekswithblogs.net/SoYouKnow/archive/2011/10/09/sharepoint-conference-2011-wrap-up.aspx So, what do you get when 7500+ people converge on Anaheim, California from all over the planet to learn and talk about the best darn collaboration platform in the world while attending a host of vendor parties, a night at DisneyLand, and probably giving the Hilton Bartenders nightmares for the next several weeks??? Why, that would be the SharePoint Conference 2011. And it was good. I had the honor of speaking with my good buddy Eric Harlan (@ericharlan). We spoke on Best Practices with jQuery and SharePoint. We spoke about why jQuery is awesome and why Continue reading SharePoint Conference 2011 Wrap Up