A Junior SharePoint Architect? Really?

Body: Is It Possible To Be A Junior Architect In SharePoint? ​It’s been too long since I’ve stirred the pot. Sorry for all those who thought I had grown beyond that. I thought I had too, but apparently not. 🙂 Anyway, lately I’ve been getting INUNDATED with emails from headhunters looking for all sorts of Java, .NET, and SharePoint work. If the keyword is on my resume, I’ve been getting tons of spam about it… I’m sick of it… really people, stop it. The latest email I received today was an “Urgent Need for SharePoint Architect in Virginia”. Being the Continue reading A Junior SharePoint Architect? Really?

SPTechCon & SharePoint Cincy 2012 Slidedecks

Body: ​So, I FINALLY got around to posting my slides from SPTechCon along with my slides from last week’s SharePoint Cincy. At SPTechCon I did a 1/2 day workshop on SharePoint and jQuery and at SharePoint Cincy I merged my previous jQuery sessions with information from the SPTechCon workshop to create an improved SharePoint and jQuery session.  I had a great room of people at both conferences and great interaction. Thanks again to everyone who came out and for your feedback. Next up for me is SharePoint Saturday New Orleans on March 24th. Looks like it’s going to be a great Continue reading SPTechCon & SharePoint Cincy 2012 Slidedecks

I’m speaking at SharePoint Cincy

Body: ​The second annual SharePoint Cincy is this coming Friday March 16th and I’m lucky enough to get to speak with some awesome world class speakers like: Robert Bogue Brian T. Trenchcoat.. I mean Jackett Jennifer Mason Sean P. McDonough Peter Serzo Shane Young and many others… I’ll once again be speaking on… wait for it… jQuery.. yes.. I know.. shocker. When you people stop wanting to learn about it, I’ll stop speaking about it.. okay? My “SharePoint and jQuery Essentials” session will cover some important topics like deployment, maintenance, debugging, and I might even through in a demo or Continue reading I’m speaking at SharePoint Cincy