Your SharePoint Saturday Attendee Guide

Body: Greetings! Good morning SharePoint Saturday attendee! First of all, thanks so much for giving up part of your weekend to spend the day with us! We’ve put in a lot of time and effort to throw together this little FREE event for you. We’ve got Book Authors, SharePoint MVP’s, Internationally recognized speakers, and even a few brave new speakers sharpening their skills all showing up to teach you and help you improve your SharePoint skills. While you are here please be sure to stop by and thank our numerous sponsors. Without their outstanding support we wouldn’t be able to Continue reading Your SharePoint Saturday Attendee Guide

SharePoint for Everyone! Yes, Even for Your Family!

Body: The more immersed I get in SharePoint, the more I see uses for it for everyone in everyday life.  Construction companies keeping track of projects, Hair salons keeping track of clients and schedules, Accounting firms maintaining customer records for years, car dealerships, schools, anyone that needs to track data, collaborate, and stay organized could find huge benefit from SharePoint.  Yes, even your family. To add to that, I’m sick and tired of people asking me what I do for a living…. actually, I’m sick and tired of trying to explain what SharePoint is. I’m weary of “It Depends”. I’m Continue reading SharePoint for Everyone! Yes, Even for Your Family!

My 2012 Year In Review

Body: I almost didn’t post a “Year In Review” blog. I mean, why should you guys care about what I did, what was important to me, what made me shed a tear? I’m hardly so important that it matters to anyone but myself…  But then I realized, before I know it I’ll be old and senile and will have forgotten what an awesome year 2012 was and if I don’t write it down then I’ll forget. Remember, one of the main reasons to blog is so you can remember what you did. So, wow, 2012 was a tremendous year on Continue reading My 2012 Year In Review