Creating a Parent/Child List Relationship with a Document Library

Body: To this day, my most popular blog posts continue to be my posts on how to set up a parent/child list relationship in SharePoint. These blog posts show you how to automatically set the ID of a Lookup field for a “child” list for different versions of SharePoint using various methods: Creating a SharePoint List Parent / Child Relationship – Out of the Box (yes, I know the videos are dead on this one. The VIDEO REMIX post is better anyway) Passing Multiple Query String Variables Using SPD – Follow Up on Creating Parent / Child List Relationships Creating Continue reading Creating a Parent/Child List Relationship with a Document Library

March Conferences – Wrap Up and Slide Decks

Body: 6 days, 3 conferences, 6 sessions, one great trip. I had an awesome time speaking at Little Rock Tech Fest on March 1st, then SharePoint Saturday Austin on March 2nd, and finally presenting 3 sessions and a lightning talk at SPTechCon in San Francisco. I had some of the best, most engaged attendees I’ve had in a long time. It feels like SharePoint might be getting its second wind and a new crop of stressed out, frustrated, ready to quit and get a job at McDonald’s folks!  Welcome to the joy and the pain!  🙂 The SharePoint & jQuery Continue reading March Conferences – Wrap Up and Slide Decks

SharePoint & jQuery Starter Scripts

Body: Super quick blog post for you guys. It struck me today the amount of times I have to go to an old script to copy and paste out my script references because I’m too lazy to type them out. So, here are two scripts that you can drop into SharePoint as a starting point. The first one will get you ready to use SPServices and the second script is for using jQuery and the JavaScript Client Side Object Model (CSOM). Both scripts reference jQuery from a CDN, so if you have your scripts stored somewhere else be sure to Continue reading SharePoint & jQuery Starter Scripts