Easy Custom Layouts for Default SharePoint Forms

<UPDATE>THIS FUNCTIONALITY HAS BEEN UDPATED. PLEASE READ ABOUT THE UPDATES AND USE THE NEW SCRIPT.</UPDATE> You know what really drives users crazy? Default SharePoint forms. Everything is in one column. It seems like you ALWAYS have to scroll to get to all the fields, and less face it: They have ZERO style. You look at a SharePoint form and think.. “Yep… that’s a SharePoint form.” I mean, just look at the default New Item form for an Issue Tracking list: See what I mean? You know what drives developers crazy? Users that want custom forms. All your data is right Continue reading Easy Custom Layouts for Default SharePoint Forms

Pluralsight? Who knew?!?

Body: I sure didn’t… First of all, you know by now that I don’t do a lot of promoting of services or products nor do I do a lot of reviews. I generally don’t say much unless I’m really thrilled with a product or just think it’s completely worthless. Well, in this case, I’m very pleasantly surprised by what I found. So, I’ve KNOWN about Pluralsight for quite a while now. In fact I’ve had a trial card in my possession for probably close to a year?  “Hardcore Developer Training” Meh.. online training… I’ve got years of experience, Google, and Continue reading Pluralsight? Who knew?!?

Come to my Client Side Development Workshop at Dev Intersection 2013!

Body: Ready to be looked at with jealousy by those .NET developers who need to deploy code to a SharePoint server to get work done? Ready to have hoards of adoring users love you for making that button animate when their mouse moves over it? Are you tired of saying “I need two weeks to get that done!” and instead say “Yeah, sure, give me 5 minutes!”?? All this and more can be yours!!!  Are you ready to jump on the Client Side Development bandwagon yet? I’m really excited to announce that I’ll be doing a full day Introduction to Continue reading Come to my Client Side Development Workshop at Dev Intersection 2013!