InfoPath is Officially Dead!!! Woo Hoo!

Sorry.. did I say that with a little too much excitement? I know there has been a lot of conjecture around the future of InfoPath and I’ve been pretty vocal that I think it’s a dead technology. Well, today, finally! Microsoft came out with an official statement. Update on InfoPath and SharePoint Forms Jennifer Roth (Mason) is officially my favorite person today for pointing me towards the article. What’s important to note here is that not only do we have an official statement from Microsoft about the demise of InfoPath, but they clearly state there is a plan moving forward Continue reading InfoPath is Officially Dead!!! Woo Hoo!

Changes to Required Field ‘title’ Attribute in SharePoint?!??!?

Client Side Devs!!  I’ve got to help spread the word about this. Microsoft has decided to change the way the “title” attribute field is rendered for required fields in SharePoint. So instead of referencing a the “Title” field using jQuery like: $(input[title=’Title’]”) If “Title” is a required field you must now reference this field like: $(input[title=’Title Required Field’]”) Personally, I think it’s a bad decision to change something that’s been ingrained since SharePoint 2007, and thousands of developers have embraced. This “feature” was first reported in Office 365, but there are reports of it cropping up in SharePoint 2010 after Continue reading Changes to Required Field ‘title’ Attribute in SharePoint?!??!?

Ten Ways to Make 2014 a Better Year

It’s that time of year again. Where every blogger in the world has to write some sort of end of the year summary post talking about all their past achievements and hopes and dreams for the future… I could spend a dozen sentences talking about my multiple successes and and probably twice that recounting my failures, talking about the mountains I climbed and the holes I dug for myself. Maybe I would summarize it all if I lived a more interesting life, but I’ll spare you the details. Although I would like to thank everyone for being a part of Continue reading Ten Ways to Make 2014 a Better Year