SharePoint 2010/2013 Tip of the Day

I know there are a few blog posts and web parts floating around out there to do Tip of the Day functionality in SharePoint and it’s nothing revolutionary, but I was quickly able to throw a script together that accomplished this in SharePoint 2013 / Office 365 so I thought I’d share it in case you were having issues with one of those other solutions. The functionality is very simple (the way I like to do things). To use the script you will need to make sure you have the following in place: A list named “TOTD” A “Title” field Continue reading SharePoint 2010/2013 Tip of the Day

The SharePoint Pod Show is Here!

I had the absolute privilege of being on The SharePoint Pod Show this afternoon with Rob Foster (@lespaulrob). We talked about SPC 14, what’s going on in the world of development, and of course the upcoming SharePointalooza. The link to the pod show is below, download and check it out if you enjoy hearing me ramble. SPC Wrap up and SharePoint Development with Mark Rackley-Episode 85 Thanks again Rob for the invitation. Kinda makes me feel like… Things are going to start happening to me now!

So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer?

I wrote my very first blog post ever in December of 2008 with the question: So! You think you want to be a SharePoint Developer???? And wow has a lot changed since then in the world of SharePoint development! Sandbox Solutions (introduced and now deprecated in some respects), the App Model, Office 365, Workflow Manager, Service Applications (does anyone still try to write these?), the loss of design view in SPD, REST, CSOM, the recent demise of InfoPath (still giggling like a school girl), and the new introduction of OSLO and the new Office 365 APIs AND I’m sure I Continue reading So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer?

The Next Stage in MY Journey

There must be something in the water. First Chris Johnson goes back to Microsoft. Then Jeremy Thake leaves AvePoint and goes to work for Microsoft. All these people making life changing decisions. I feel so much pressure to do something as well. So, although *I’m* not going to Microsoft, it is with great excitement and some bittersweetness that I announce that I’m leaving Summit 7 Systems for my next adventure. I’m proud and honored to have worked with so many great people at Summit 7, and I know they’ll continue to do great things. In the two years I worked Continue reading The Next Stage in MY Journey