The Next Stage in MY Journey

There must be something in the water. First Chris Johnson goes back to Microsoft. Then Jeremy Thake leaves AvePoint and goes to work for Microsoft. All these people making life changing decisions. I feel so much pressure to do something as well. So, although *I’m* not going to Microsoft, it is with great excitement and some bittersweetness that I announce that I’m leaving Summit 7 Systems for my next adventure.

I’m proud and honored to have worked with so many great people at Summit 7, and I know they’ll continue to do great things. In the two years I worked for Ben Curry and team, I’ve learned so much and come to rely on their expertise in the world of SharePoint. I highly recommend Summit 7 for all your migration, infrastructure, and managed services needs. I’ve seen Jason Miller pull many a farm from the brinks of destruction. Thanks for two awesome years.

Where am I going? Well, unless you are in the oil and gas industry you have probably not heard of them, but I hope to change that. At the end of this month, I’ll be joining the team at capSpire ( Who is capSpire you ask? Well, I cannot say it better than their (our!) web site:

“capSpire is a global consulting and solutions company that creates, customizes, and implements meaningful technology for commodity focused organizations.  With expertise in commodities trading, risk management, and complex enterprise content management, capSpire creates valuable business process and technical solutions for Fortune 500 companies.  The firm’s flagship product, Gravitate, is revolutionizing the way companies communicate with their clients.  capSpire offers an unparalleled leveled of service and is headquartered in Northwest Arkansas, with an office in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The firm was recently recognized as the fastest growing private company in Arkansas.

We provide our clients with deep business and system expertise to simplify and streamline their commodity management functions for crude, natural gas, refined products, NGLs, coal, iron ore, agriculture and freight. Chief among our service offerings are IT strategy and planning, system selection, custom software development, implementation services, systems integration and ongoing support.”

capSpire is really doing some amazing things and their clients are clamoring for help with SharePoint. This is where I come in. I get to help build a world class SharePoint team for a world class class organization and utilize my years of solution design and development skills along the way. Plus, I’ll still be involved in the community; speaking at events, blogging, organizing Sharepointalooza, and generally being the same pain in the rear I’ve always been.

What could be better??? I really can’t wait to get started and help capSpire succeed in the world of SharePoint. Stay tuned!!!

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  1. Sean McDonough - Reply

    Congratulations, Mark. It’s been a wild bunch of years for sure, and I’m really excited for you as you take the next step in your career. You know the drill: give me a shout if there’s ever anything I can do for you, and have fun!

  2. Jason Miller - Reply

    Well, this wasn’t how I wanted to start my Monday 🙁 We will miss you Mark. You’re awesome. They will love you. Also, be sure to introduce them to bacon if they have not heard of it.

  3. Paul Keijzers - Reply

    Hi Mark,

    Congrats lots of changes going on in the SharePoint world right now.
    Hope you will enjoy the new job!

    all the best

    Paul @KbWorks

  4. Jeff Shuey - Reply

    Congrats Mark. It’s great to see you spread your wings and share the SharePoint LUV. I think we will likely cross paths. We have a lot of Oil & Gas customers (and Energy Services in general). As you start to add Compliance and Lifecycle Management to those SharePoint sites let’s talk.

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