SharePoint Evolution Conference–The Ultimate Training Tax Write Off


I had the distinct honor of speaking at the SharePoint Evolution Conference in London two years ago. This amazing conference is hosted by my talented friends over at Combined Knowledge and boasts of some of the most talented speakers in the world and top technical sessions.

Not only is the content top notch but Steve Smith, Zoe Watson and crew bend over backwards to make sure the attendees have an incredible time by throwing the most amazing attendee parties. The SharePoint Evolution Conference is definitely part of my inspiration around SharePointalooza and should be on your conference bucket list.

The location of the conference is across the street from Westminster Abbey at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre. I mean, it’s not Branson, MO… but hey, not too shabby!!


This conference boasts of:

I’ll be presenting two sessions this year, both centered around using Client Side Development to get the most out of SharePoint. Whether you are On-Premises or using Office 365 you’ll find something in these sessions to help you do your job better:

Maximizing the SharePoint User Experience with Free 3rd Party jQuery Libraries

Audience:  On Premises, Office 365, Developer
SharePoint is an incredibly powerful platform. Using out of the box SharePoint functionality we can create almost any business application… and get 85% of the way there. Find out how to use free, readily available jQuery libraries to take your applications to the next level and get that final 15%. In this session we’ll take the real world example of a Contract Management Solution built for a Fortune 100 company using all out of the box SharePoint functionality and jQuery libraries. We enhance out of the box SharePoint to:

  • Create useful, well organized dashboards that don’t clutter up a page using the jQuery UI library
  • Use SharePoint’s REST and a powerful Calendar Library to create USEFUL Calendar views of Contracts and report on their dates
  • Create graphs using SharePoint’s REST and jQuery libraries to give those business users the pretty they crave

Overcoming SharePoint Limitations – Creating List Views for Large Lists

Audience: Information Worker, Developer, Office 365, On Premises
SharePoint List Views are a great way to report on information in SharePoint, communicate status, and stay organized. However, what happens when that list grows beyond SharePoint’s List View Threshold?  Sure, if we are On-Premises we can bribe our administrators, but what if that’s not an option? What if you are using Office 365? Have we forever lost the ability to easily create list views once we cross that barrier? Is grouping by columns a thing of the past at that point? Fear not, in this session we’ll take a re-world example of an organizations need to effectively search and report on employee information stored in SharePoint and create effective “list views” using SharePoint’s REST functionality and a little client side development.

The SharePoint Evolution Conference  is absolutely the international conference to attend.  PLUS, the SharePoint Evolution Conference has more SharePoint content than the Microsoft Ignite conference and a cheaper registration fee! Just think, a trip to the UK, lots of awesome SharePoint content, world class social networking, and you can write off on your taxes as a training expense? What’s not to love!

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