Learn How to Create Awesome SharePoint Solutions at SPFest Seattle

Have you downloaded one of my solutions only to find it’s not quite what you need? Have you ever wished you had some ability to modify one of these solutions to make it “just right”?

Maybe you are brand new to SharePoint development and don’t know how to get started?

Or maybe you’ve been doing server side development for years and now that you’ve moved to SharePoint Online you are at a loss for how to create solutions?

Well, here’s your chance to learn all about client side development in SharePoint, oh and attend a lot of other sessions about Office 365 and SharePoint.. I mean.. if you want too…

I will be speaking at SPFest Seattle on August 8th-11th where I will be presenting two ½ day workshops on client side development in SharePoint. I also be presenting a couple of other sessions at the conference as well: (WS501, WS603, SRC103, PWR204)


In the first ½ day workshop “A Beginner’s Guide to Client Side Development in SharePoint” I’ll walk you through the very basics on getting started including:

  • The pros and cons of client side development and how to get started
  • How to effectively interact with SharePoint using JavaScript to build powerful applications without the need for Visual Studio
  • What is jQuery and how to use it effectively
  • Debugging techniques that will stop you from wanting to pull your hair out
  • How to modify SharePoint’s default forms quickly and easily

In the second ½ day workshop “A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint” we will go to the next level with a TON of examples including how to create many of the solutions featured on my blog. Among the topics will cover:

  • How to use Third Party Libraries to take the SharePoint applications to the next level
  • How to use REST and JSOM to interact with SharePoint list data and create business logic

You’ll definitely walk away with a full brain and we may even get into the new SharePoint Framework if we have enough time.

The techniques I teach work on SharePoint 2007,2010,2013,2016, and Office 365. Plus, they are a great stepping stone to doing more complex development using SharePoint Add-Ins and the new SharePoint Framework.

But maybe you aren’t a dev? Maybe you aren’t even a SharePoint administrator? Why should you consider attending SPFest? Well, that’s a great question. Maybe your brand new to SharePoint and Office 365 and it just got dumped in your lap? Maybe you’ve been using SharePoint On Premises for years and are now being pushed to the cloud and are at a loss? Surely attending SPFest would be a waste of time? Right?


My awesome business partner Stephanie Donahue is also presenting a workshop (WS602) on deployment planning where you can get critical information and ideas for your organization including:

  • The big decision – SharePoint 2013 v 2016 v SharePoint Online
  • Upgrade planning – what to be aware of
  • Site Architecture, Taxonomy, and Governance– tips, tools, and best practices
  • Phased deployment – it’s not over once you upgrade!  (in the workshop version, this could be Building your Deployment plan)
  • User Adoption and Training – introducing a new version of SharePoint and keeping users excited

Stephanie also has a couple of sessions she’s presenting on mobile (ADM102) and productivity (ECM201).

Besides these workshops and sessions, there is a plethora of SharePoint and Office 365 sessions presented by some pretty impressive speakers on everything from development, administration, bi, search, power apps, flow, and so much more. So, even if you aren’t a dev or even an administrator, there will be something at SPFest for you to learn.

And like the image above says, you can use the code “RackleySeattle100” to save $100 off registration which is pretty cool too. I’m sure you could use “DonahueSeattle100” instead, but why would you want too?? J

Anyway, there’s my spiel! Hope to see you in Seattle

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