Become a SharePoint Framework Jedi

Come on, it’s May the 4th.. I HAD to do some sort of Star Wars reference. You know you would have been disappointed if I didn’t.

Anyway, if you are regular partaker in my blog contents, you know that I write a lot of JavaScript/jQuery solutions for making your SharePoint sites suck less. It’s kinda my thing.

However, the same solutions won’t work on SharePoint’s new Modern Pages. That’s because Microsoft caught on to what we’ve been doing and decided to give us some rails so that we don’t do anything stupid… or at least make it harder for us to do stupid things. Okay, that’s not the only reason the SharePoint Framework was created, but I think it makes a good story.

Anyway, using the SharePoint Framework you can create client web parts using the same skills you’ve gained following along with my blog posts over the years. In fact, in many ways you are better suited for transitioning to the SharePoint Framework than those pesky .NET developers.

However (this is a big however), you will have to learn new skills and how to use new tools. The SharePoint Framework world is much different… and it’s quite a bit more difficult to get started. Luckily, my good friend Andrew Connell created an online course to teach us the right way to develop with the SharePoint Framework. If any of you guys are familiar with AC you know that he’s been at this training thing for years and I can with complete confidence say he offers the best course on teaching the SharePoint Framework.

You may be thinking “If it’s so great, why are you just now mentioning it?”.

First of all, be nice… second of all, it’s because AC just released two new chapters this week on using jQuery and React. This is GREAT news because if you do follow my blog regularly, you know I use a lot of jQuery. By taking AC’s course with these new chapters you’ll be able to master the concepts needed to migrate your old jQuery scripts into the SharePoint Framework.Image result for voitanos

The SharePoint Framework is here. It’s a skill you need to master in order to customize your Modern SharePoint Sites. Think of it this way, Modern Sites are like the Dark Side, and the only way to conquer the Dark Side is to master the Framework and become a SharePoint Framework Jedi? Yeah… maybe I went a step to far with that one… okay… forget I said that. Okay, how’s this. You can get 10% off AC’s SharePoint Framework course by using the discount code “RACKLEY”. “For my ally is the Framework, and a powerful ally it is.” Okay, THAT was my last bad Star Wars reference… i swear…