It’s Time to Get Your SharePoint Search House in Order

It seems like SharePoint Search rarely gets the love and attention it needs… You know why? Because who understands it all? You go to search for something.. it returns a ton of results that mean nothing… the users get frustrated and they stop using it!

You know who’s fault that is? If you are reading this, it just might be you?

Search is one of the least understood but most powerful features of SharePoint, and if you aren’t using it properly you probably know it by now.

Are you properly managing SharePoint Search in your organization? Do you even understand all the capabilities? Are you missing out on easy wins for your organization? If you aren’t handling search well, you are missing out on some massive ROI in SharePoint and Office 365.

Seriously, it’s time to get your house in order my friend… Luckily for you, we have the preeminent search expert in the world Agnes Molnar from presenting a full day SharePoint Search workshop with the brilliant Matthew McDermott in Branson, Missouri as part of the North American Collaboration Summit on March 16th. This is truly a great opportunity for you to finally wrap your head around SharePoint Search and get the most out of it…

Check out their abstract to see what you are in store for:


You’ve been given the responsibility for search at your organization – what’s next? 
Perhaps there is a new initiative to improve search, or perhaps the previous search manager mysteriously disappeared; in any case, you’ve discovered that search is a deceptively tricky domain, and that the expectations of many of your stakeholders are difficult to meet or even to define. 
This all-day tutorial will provide an orientation and exposure to the key issues, effective processes, and technology. We will provide lay-of-the-land information and approaches to get you off to a good start. 
Join Agnes Molnar (MVP) & Matthew McDermott (MVP) to learn: 

• How to get started and where to find practical guidance for search management 
• What kind of tasks and roles are involved in managing search; ways to build a cross-functional team 
• How to assess the current state of search at your organization, establish a vision, and create a findability strategy 
• How to get stakeholders together and constructively involved; discovering and managing expectations 
• The top misconceptions about search and how to educate your organization (without whining) 
• “Layers of the onion”: the top 5 and next 5 tools and techniques for improving search 
• Approaches for planning and managing updates and improvements 
• Measuring search: KPIs, tools, and techniques for internal search engine optimization 

Register this week at and take advantage of a special discount for Agnes and Matt’s workshop with the discount code “SEARCH”.

But don’t just take it from me, Agnes and Matt have a few words for you as well