SharePoint Tabbed Web Parts–HillbillyTabs 3.0

Over two years ago I created a simple little script to allow people to place SharePoint Web Parts into tabs using the jQueryUI library. Just by adding a script to a page in SharePoint you could easily put one or all of your web parts into a well organized tab structure. And there was much rejoicing. This little script has quickly grown into one of the most popular solutions I ever put in my blog. Last year I updated the script to add additional features. Since then, I’ve had several requests for even more features to be added (You guys Continue reading SharePoint Tabbed Web Parts–HillbillyTabs 3.0

So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer?

I wrote my very first blog post ever in December of 2008 with the question: So! You think you want to be a SharePoint Developer???? And wow has a lot changed since then in the world of SharePoint development! Sandbox Solutions (introduced and now deprecated in some respects), the App Model, Office 365, Workflow Manager, Service Applications (does anyone still try to write these?), the loss of design view in SPD, REST, CSOM, the recent demise of InfoPath (still giggling like a school girl), and the new introduction of OSLO and the new Office 365 APIs AND I’m sure I Continue reading So… You STILL Want to Be a SharePoint Developer?

Tabbed Web Parts in SharePoint 2013 / Office 365

THIS SCRIPT HAS BEEN UPDATED WITH BUG FIXES AND ADDITIONAL FEATURES, PLEASE USE THE UPDATED SCRIPT LOCATED AT: I think many would agree with me that one of the best things to ever happen to SharePoint 2007 in terms of an improved user experience was Christophe’s EasyTabs over at Path To SharePoint.  This script turned several web parts that were stacked on top of each other into a much more elegant tabbed view. And there was much rejoicing. Christophe updated this script to work for SharePoint 2010 as well. I know countless people who have used it with great Continue reading Tabbed Web Parts in SharePoint 2013 / Office 365

The SharePoint & jQuery Guide

So, you’ve finally succumbed to the hype and decided to use jQuery in SharePoint? Good for you. I’m sure you are fully prepared with the knowledge of the pros and cons using jQuery as well as have all the requisite knowledge. You should NOT be writing jQuery in SharePoint if… You don’t? You mean you are going to copy and paste scripts from blogs and then ask the blogger to modify the script to work for your particular circumstance? Oh, that’s nice.  Well, assuming you actually want to understand what you are doing, maybe even learn a thing or two, Continue reading The SharePoint & jQuery Guide