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December 5th-9th 2016 SharePoint Office and SharePoint Live – Orlando, FL
November 7th-12th 2016 MVP Summit – Seattle, WA
October 29th 2016 SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN
October 25th-28th 2016 DevIntersection – Las Vegas, NV
September 26th-30th 2016 Microsoft Ignite – Atlanta, GA (Come hang out with me at the Hyperfish booth #852)
August 15th-18th 2016 SPFest Seattle – Seattle,WA
August 9th-10th 2016 Digital Workplace Conference – Auckland, NZ
July 9th 2016 SharePoint Saturday Toronto – Toronto, ON
July 6th 2016 SharePoint Power Hour (Online)
June 27th-30th 2016 SPTechCon Boston – Boston, MA
June 11th 2016 SharePoint Saturday Atlanta – Atlanta, GA
May 14th 2016 SharePoint Saturday Nashville – Nashville, TN
May 6th 2016 SharePoint Cincy – Cincinnati, OH
April 27th – 29th 2016 SPFest DC – Washington DC
April 23rd 2016 SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN
March 1st – 3rd 2016 SPFest Denver – Denver, CO
February 21st – 24th 2016 SPTechCon – Austin, TX
February 8th – 11th 2016 IT Unity Connect – Online
December 8th – 10th 2015 SPFest – Chicago, IL
November 17th – 24th 2015 Live 360 – Orlando, FL
November 2nd – 5th 2015 MVP Summit – Redmond, WA
October 26th – 29th 2015 DevIntersection – Las Vegas,NV
October 10th 2015 SharePoint Saturday Cinciannti
October 8th 2015 Collab 365 Global Conference
September 18th – 19th 2015 SharePointalooza – Branson, MO
August 24th – 27th 2015 SPTechCon – Boston, MA
August 18th – 20th 2015 SPFest – Seattle, WA
August 7th 2015 Tulsa TechFest – Tulsa, OK
June 24th – 26th 2015 SPTechCon Developer Days – Burlingame, CA
May 19th – 23rd 2015 DevIntersection – Scotsdale, AZ
May 4th – 8th 2015 Microsoft Ignite – Chicago, IL
April 20th – 22nd 2015 SharePoint Evolution Conference – London, UK
March 7th 2015 SharePoint Saturday Dallas – Dallas, TX
February 8th – 11th 2015 SPTechCon – Austin, TX
November 17th – 21st 2014 SharePoint Live – Orlando, FL
November 10th – 13th 2014 DEVintersection – Las Vegas, NV
October 18th 2014 SharePoint Saturday New Hampsire – Nashua, NH
September 16th – 19th 2014 SPTechCon – Boston, MA (Use code “RACKLEY” and save)
September 12th – 13th 2014 SharePointalooza – Branson, MO
August 15th 2014 Tulsa TechFest – Tulsa, OK
August 11th 2014 Ft. Smith .NET user Group – Ft. Smith, AR
June 6th 2014 SharePoint Cincy – Cincinnati, OH
April 22nd – 25th 2014 SPTechCon San Francisco
April 13th – 17th  2014 Devintersection – Orlando,   FL
April 5th 2014 SharePoint   Saturday Nashville

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